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[Resolved] My plugin stopped working after update

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    You can provide me with a link to the site were the map is, I can have a look. Based on the information you told me right now it is not possible to tell what happened for sure..

    Thank you


    I have the same issue, if it helps – links to the pages are:

    Geo Mashup – http://www.tropicalfishsite.com/uk-fish-store-reviews/

    One of the single marker locations – http://www.tropicalfishsite.com/aylesbury-maidenhead-aquatics-fish-store-review/


    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov



    Your blog uses an outdated jQuery (the link if from your blog’s header section):

    The plugin requires at least jQuery 1.9 now, as this is what more and more people use these days moving forward.

    I suggest for you to fallback to plugin version 8.0.2 if you cannot (or do not want upgrade jQuery) on your blog. Having said that, perhaps it is one of your other plugins or your theme ‘travel-blogger’ injecting outdated jQuery, as WP 3.7.1 by default uses jQuery 1.1x

    Here is the plugin version compatible with your jQuery (its before I updated to jQuery 1.9):

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    I’m having a similar issue. I’m using jQuery Updater to ensure I’m on the latest version of jQuery, but none of my shortcodes are working now (they’re showing the wrong addresses).

    Site: MyPureform.com/locations

    Thanks in advance!

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    @ _pureform_:

    Slightly off topic:
    I noticed you are using plugin v8.0.2, is there any reason you are not using the latest?

    Now, to the main issue you reported:
    I had a look at MyPureform.com/locations, and I saw all shortcodes have been transformed into maps, and map markers correspond to the addresses of each clinic. I even tested each clinic address using Google website to make sure that the marker and clinic addresses match….

    Can you please explain in more detail what you meant by:
    “none of my shortcodes are working now (they’re showing the wrong addresses)” as what I see on your site contradicts this statement…

    Thank you

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I downgraded to V8.0.2 because the newest version was “breaking” all the maps. I even tried to delete the short code that was used from an earlier version and update it, but that didn’t work.

    When I did update the addresses, they would all be zoomed in to the maximum, and show the address of the first map (when the three maps were in line the bottom two would reflect the address of the first, even when I confirmed they had different addresses).

    I am using jQuery updater, as I saw earlier in your threads that it could have been related to a jQuery versioning issue…

    Thanks –

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    I wont be able to help if I do not see the issues. I understand why you have downgraded, but without seeing the errors I cant do much.

    Are you ok to allow me access to your admin area OR can you install the latest version and let me inspect the errors?

    I am also having problems with the plugin after updating to WordPress 3.8 last night.

    I have one post with four maps in it. All with numbered markers.

    Map 1 – numbered markers 1 – 11
    Map 2 – numbered markers 12 – 13
    Map 3 – numbered marker 14
    Map 4 – numbered marker 15

    Prior to the 3.8 WordPress update all worked properly. Now, all maps show the same markers which are from the first map in the post.

    When I look at the code within the post it displays correctly as built for each map in the shortcode builder. Then, when I view the published post and the view-source code for the published post, it shows the first map’s code for all four maps.

    Thanks in advance for your help working on this bug.


    It sounds like @Imduncan is having the same issues I was. I can’t revert to the newer version, as our clinic addresses need to be live for patients at all times.

    However, @Imduncan’s explanation of what is happening is exactly what I was seeing.


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    Ah…. nice… I know what is happening. Thanks for reporting

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    I am looking into it now

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    It has nothing to do with WP 3.8 but with caching by the way, will issue a fix ASAP

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    @lmduncan and @_pureform_

    Please update to version 9.0.4, and please report if the issue has been fixed or still persisting.. Thank you

    You are AWESOME!!!

    The 9.0.4 update fixed my problems. All maps and displaying properly again.

    Thank you so much for your prompt attention to the problem and for coming up with a solution that resolved the problem.

    Thank you again,


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