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my plugin is suspended

  • My Svn repository is suspended because I violated WP policy, I sent this email below to Plugins@wordpress.org

    Give me back access ton svn please.

    I wanted to resume access to svn and modify the plugin to meet the WP policy.

    unfortunately I received this email:



    Mark Riley
    Maven support

    I was disappointed, and i sent another email :


    I have a problem with the svn as I explained in a topic in the forum, here is the url http://wordpress.org/support/topic/cant-commit-to-svn-forbidden-by-server?replies=4

    So could you please explain to me what i need to do to get access back ?

    thank you.

    I have not received anything.

    I waited a few days, and i sent another email :


    I developed a plugin that violated WordPress policy.

    I did not know it until my plugin has been stopped and that I no longer had access to svn.

    Now I know my mistake and I want to get svn access back what should I do?

    while waiting for a favorable response,
    I wish you a nice day.

    And I still haven’t received any reply.

    what can i do, so that my plugin is no longer suspended

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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  • You violated WordPress repository policy with your ad links in the plugin, as well as hidden links.

    You’re not going to get access to SVN back at this time.

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