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  • Thanks for this nice plugin which gives commenting in wordpress a better userexperience.

    Here are some changes I made to make the plugin fit my needs:

    1. The error-message:
    1.1 IMO it hat so be placed bevor, not below the submit-button.
    1.2 (more important) the <p>-Tag is a real problem so I deleted it. Why? Because you get problems with some template-css. In my case each input was placed in a p-tag. With the error-message there was a p-tag in a p-tag which results in unreadable messages since css gives the fontsize to both p-tags.
    1.3 I wantet the message to be in a div an in its own line.

    Here is the code from wp-gemt.js.php:

    insertErrorMessage: function(data) {
    		  if ((typeof(data) == "string") || (data.status == 500)) {
    		      result = jQuery("<div>").html((typeof(data) == "string") ? data : data.responseText);
    		      jQuery('#commentform').find('#submit').before('<div id="gemt_error_text"></div>');

    2. CSS-Changes
    Because of those changes I had to modify the css:

    #gemt_error_text {
      font-size: 1.3em;
      font-weight: bold;
      color: #990000 !important;

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