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  • I think there’s something not quite right in your style sheets…
    Unless of course you actually intended for the recent comments box to be about 10 pixels wide, breaking everything off after one word, or the guest blog box to be about 30 pixels or so wide, and appear as a fourth column way off to the right where the images and also often the text make me a nice little horizontal scroll bar…
    But I don’t think you intended that… and if you did – well, what can I say? You’re nuts 😛
    Oh, wait! I just checked the site again (without even reloading or anything, had just been in this tab before), and now all of a sudden the guest blog box looks much better, about 200 pixels (I think), placed underneath the other menus in the second (spanning second and third) column, not way off to the side…
    But the recent comments box is still screwed… or is it? I’d better go check again…
    Yup, still strange… and the image at the top of it cuts into the other menu on the right now… (this site seems to change every time I look at it!)
    Oh, and the weather report needs a bigger font, I can’t even read the temperature, it’s so small…
    And last, but not least, your page doesn’t quite validate. When I say “doesn’t quite validate”, I mean that it has 233 errors…
    All this is in FireFox 0.8. In Opera (7.23), the recent comments looks better, but the image still cuts into the menus on the right (but behind them, whereas it’s above them in FF). Netscape 7 treats the recent comments box like FF. I don’t think I have to ask which browser you use, ’cause everything seems to look completely as it should in IE6 (if it would just finish loading already! Okay, it’s been like four minutes since it started trying to load the picture jcs90010f1.jpg [Jesus, what a name!] and it’s still not done… either this picture is humongous as hell or it’s not going to load it… looks like it’s the rounded borders for the post headers.)
    I think the issue about the site changing every time I look at it has to do with the horribly bad connection I have to your domain from here – it takes far over a minute for the whole page to load each time… but your timer has said somewhere between 11 and 24 seconds (the timer appears with the number of seconds in it while I can still see the browser loading more text and images) – I think that might be because you’ve placed it in the middle of your document, not at the very end, but I’m not sure if this has anything to say really…
    So, um, yeah… that’s a few comments here… erm… just a few… a bit to think of perhaps… :S
    That’s all design – the content, however, can be summed up much faster: Me loves it! Nice writings 🙂
    But what on earth does campheatwole mean?
    (Sorry if this kind of shoots down your self esteem or anything, it’s really not meant to!!!)

    takes too long to download, still cool. 🙂

    No, your comments are very much appreciated. I know about the problems in firefox and just haven’t rolled up the sleeves and fixed it. Now I’m motivated…
    The name is from what our friends call our house. They come for a visit and never leave.
    Thanks again, oisin.

    I sometimes wish folks would not say “problems in Firefox”. There may be but they are quite often (but not always) associated with *problems in your code*.
    If it is not running smoothly in a compliant browser the truth of it is – it is not running smoothly at all.

    Checked it in Safari
    Overall design looks pretty cool, but there are a few CSS oddities that you could fix either setting a fixed width for everything or using a set width for the right column and make the main content of variable width.
    The only serious problem I can see is that it takes forever (and I mean for ever!) to load. You might want to reduce the amount of posts displayed on the index page, the “guest blog” thinggy most likely has something to do with it too – I’m on fast cable so it’s not me…
    PS: when people say “problems in Firefox,” it’s pretty much understood that it’s your code that’s buggy, not the browser… 🙂

    Well there are cetainly *problems in Firefox* now (at least in mine). The layout is in four columns none of which fit together and a lot of text overflows. Sorry to bear bad news.

    how about now?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I *love* those little people !!
    “WordPress .72” – that’s quite old… not upgrading ?
    There are still a number of errors too unfortunately, but I do like your page !

    I really liked the simplicity of the site, but under the bonnet you’ve got a few cool ideas going on there. I agree I love the jumping people :). Hell like it soo much I’ve linked it 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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