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  • roostertail


    Nice straight forward site with pleasing colors.

    Except…the text is a bit small.

    Good luck




    nice and simple.
    I must say though, a facebook styled page ist not what i call personal and self expressing. give some personal identity, something simple as changing the color from the boring “#3B5998” FB blue to something new.

    you have a passion for “Showbarkeeping”, show it!



    easy and simple 😀



    very nice site.



    Your theme look good. Clean and professional.

    wonderful! it looks simple but wonderful,I like it. I wish you can update it frequently and I will come here often. At the same time if you like natural stone and whiskey stone, you are welcome to my bolg:


    I like the basic design of your site, but I have a few suggestions.

    I’d like to see a header at the top of the page, something that announces who you are or that says the site is your personal blog.

    I agree with like_a_bauss about your use of the color blue. The blue you’ve selected isn’t particularly easy to read. A much darker blue or another dark color would be better. The blue text on the blue background is especially problematic.

    You could try #00008B (DarkBlue), #191970 (MidnightBlue), #483D8B (DarkSlateBlue), or #000080 (Navy) for your text.

    If you want to keep the blue background, you could try #F0F8FF (AliceBlue).

    am i the only one that thinks it looks like facebook?


    Read the post from like_a_bauss in this thread.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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