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  • Ok I went through all the other topics and got alot of help but now a solution.

    I have a site that is a couples days old. Got about 100 posts and 5 pages. I need to change the permalinks which i forgot to in the first place. I use GoDaddy shared hosting.

    When I change the permalinks to custom /%category%/%postname% it sucessfully changes but doesnt write to the .htaccess files. So I changed to to read only to get the permalinks page to tell me what to put in the htaccess which it did. I replaced that and changed the permalinks again which still every old post, page does not work and gets 404 error and any new page i create does the same.

    How can I fix this problems!?

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  • Search for godaddy and permalinks – chances are you are not the first with such an issue.
    BTW, are you on Win hosting package or Linux?

    Im on Linux.. Ill try to search that see what I get

    Found This!!! Im going to try it….

    Solution: If you would like to use permalinks and you are using GoDaddy for hosting, all you must do is turn permalinks on and wait. I am not sure how long to wait but rest assured the permalinks will begin to work after a short period of time.

    I tried it, you are right, just wait a little while, Economy Deluxe, doesn’t matter.

    Wow it worked from waiting from before.. maybe a few hours.. Thanks!

    This is an old post but I just want to thank you. I spent hours pulling my hair out trying to get my permalinks to work on something other than the default setting. I was thinking I made some critical error while switching servers and ended up reinstalling wordpress several times before finding out that GoDaddy was causing all my permalink problems.

    I have a deluxe account so I knew I should have access to the mod-write feature and I was going crazy.

    I went to sleep and when I woke up the links were working fine. Thank you!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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