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      Hi all.. A few month back, i’ve upgraded my home webserver by installing Apache 2, Mysql 5, Postfix, PHP5 and also wordpress 2.6, etc. The problems are the performance and some of the links like category and permalink not working. First i thought it was wordpress it self that make my system bloody slow.

      i kept on trying to configure cache and memory of my server but no luck. The server is just Buffalo Linkstation Pro with debian installed in it. LS pro just provide only 266mhz of processing speed and 128mb of ram. As i’ve tried it, Mysql 5 and Apache 2 need more level of cache and processing unit.

      To keep the story short, i’ve stop wasting time configuring the small server and bought HP proliant DL server which cost me a few £ . Magically the performance issues been resolved and all the links are working perfectly. As result, 5 of my sites are now running in blazing speed and no one complain anything yet. Anybody else have performance issues?

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  • So the performance issues are still there, you didn’t solve anything, just threw more hardware at it. Too bad nobody in the WP team cares about performance, otherwise they would have built caching into the core and develop it with fragment caching, etc. like a leading blog platform should do. Incredible that they keep adding bloat and caching is still a plugin (and pretty buggy too).

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