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  • I don’t much like the new dashboard, and there are several topics criticizing it already, so I’ll do something different here. I will describe what the perfect wordpress dashboard should be, according to me (WP user since 2009).

    My idea is that the dashboard shall focus on my contents, and not on WP. I mean I’m adding content (new articles) 3 or 4 times a week, whereas I’m changing or updating my theme only once or twice a year. So I don’t need the dashboard to remind me of what theme I’m using or to give me daily WP news.

    I’d like an “At a glance” box to tell me the total number of posts, pages, tags and categories. Size of the database would also be great.

    Another box should list all my drafts, but I don’t need to be able to add or edit one through the dashboard. I don’t need either to be reminded of the posts I have recently published.

    A third box would give information about the users. How many users, and the 5 latest comments.

    Finally, the last box would come from Addthis.

    So What I want is not very different from what we have, but this would make me save time if I add such a dashboard. I just want to know if there other WP users who share my wishes.

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  • I’m agree, the old dashboard was much better. It had all I needed, customisable columns, clear ui. New dashboard is ugly and not user friendly. Look at post edit page for example, it have gray background, end editor buttons also have gray background and visually all the page is disordered array of elements. Add to this very contrast icons on right sidebar and on the top and on the left. Too many distracting elements.

    Yeah, I wanted to focus on features, but design is also a regression. I can manage it though, what I hate is that it can’t list all my drafts, and that it doesn’t tell how many tags and categories and users I have.

    I’d also like to get rid of the top nav bar which says “Howdy…” and give me useless links. I haven’t changed my “About” page nor my profile since I’ve installed WP 4 years ago. Are there people who updates their profile so frequently that they need a direct link to it?

    Make no mistake, I still believe WP is a great tool, and I’ll keep on using it, but somehow I feel it’s starting to lose focus, or focus on the wrong things.

    This threads got something different to think about than about the new admin look. Insteresting topic vortex357HY

    I suppose all we can do now is to find proper custom admin panel theme.

    And I have found this one:

    May thanx to author. Now we can return to our classic interface.

    But of course it’s not a full solution.

    Yep, thanks Nordi, this wp-admin classic plugin is a step in the right direction, but my point is that there shall be a distinction between the people who use WP for fun, and those who use it for work. We have different needs and expectations.

    Of course new dashboard contains useless blocks, such as quick draft. If I want to make a draft I can use my windows notepad and save it somewhere on my PC. And it doesn’t support columns, that means waste of useful space.

    I agree, current dashboard needs more customizations and ability to add user defined blocks.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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