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  1. chedie
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    This is my blog URL (http://chibilicious.com).

    There is this one section in which I'm having trouble to fix.

    When you go to this link (http://chibilicious.com/favorites/strapya/), at the left you will see Strapya Page1, Strapya Page 2 and so on. My problem is Strapya Page10. It would not come after Page9 and IT SHOULD GO AFTER PAGE 9. I already tried Page Order feature on Write Page in WordPress but it didn't seem to work.

    For FYI... I used Collapsible, Foldable, Expandable Pages wordpress plugin. I found this plugin in this URL http://www.webspaceworks.com/resources/wordpress/30/.

    To use, I simply replaced the code fragment that looks like this
    <?php wp_list_pages ($arglist); ?>
    with this:
    <?php wswwpx_fold_page_list ($arglist); ?>

    Can somebody help me with this. I just want to sort my pages in the correct order as to not have my visitors confused with the paging. :(

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