My page creates 2 link of same post, duplicate problem (1 post)

  1. kloker
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I got some problem with the read more button on front page.
    Example: The actual post have this url:
    But when pressing the read more link at front page it redirect me to

    Now, I´m afraid that this may cause a duplicate link problem, which is bad for SEO of course.

    I checked the later link http://www.homepage/post/#more-137, and it was nofollow.
    If I understand it right this nofollow attribute makes so the link is not a duplicate, is that right?

    Also do anyone knows how to make so it don´t generate a /#more on links after have pressed the "read more" link? I would like to have just one permament link for that specific post.

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