My page content and my menu don't appear when published (1 post)

  1. pipsqueak87
    Posted 2 years ago #

    So I created a new site ltl-cinese.it to be the Italian version of livethelanguage.cn and the under construction ltl-chino.com.

    I used the same methods as I did when constructing ltl-chino.com. I installed WP on the server and uploaded the same two themes.

    I created a page but when I hit both preview and then I also tried publish, no content appears. I tried adding a menu but that also doesn't appear. Weirdly all that appears is the stuff that I set in my theme options. I tried activating a different theme and when I did this, the content appeared.

    I tried disabling plugins just in case this had an affect on the theme but this also made no difference.

    Any ideas?

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