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  • I’ve created my own theme based upon Roundflow, but accidentaly I erased the html and head original coding, at first sight it works perfectly over IE7 (I dunno about IEx), but my friends told me that on firefox the div layers act incorrectly through the page

    I’ve tried to re-add some tags from the original template, nothing fixed at all

    can someone help me out here?

    link to my wp moded page

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  • Looking at the W3C Validator, it looks like you’ve deleted all the declarations from the header of the template (where character sets, etc are defined so that browsers know what they are dealing with). There are also a number of other errors that are causing the site to display improperly.

    If you have the original header file available, re-add all of the declaration statements and then work through the other errors one-by-one. That should fix the problem (or at least make it easier for you to spot other things that may be causing the issue).

    Additional: IE is a much more ‘forgiving’ broswer than Firefox, Opera, etc, because it is not as strictly standards compliant as the others. This why it will still properly display poorly written websites, when the other browsers won’t.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Yeah, without a DOCTYPE, it’s just tag soup. Could render as anything.

    Make it into a valid XHTML or HTML4 page.

    I did it

    but the theme looks the same thing on firefox





    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    now I’ve cleaned the major problems,

    there is only post problems left behind

    what can I do?

    The W3C validator is still reporting a number of errors, including some tags where you have things like <p><center> tags. As far as I understand HTML, these need to be <p align="center"> to work properly.

    I don’t know how much of your display problems fixing those will cure, but you need to fix as many of the errors as possible. Ones like this will be in your posts, not in the template of your site, so you just need to run the validator, see what the errors are and go through your site until they’re all fixed.

    It may be a long process, but code that validates properly is worth the effort, as it will give your blog the best chance to be be seen as intended regardless of which browser your reader is using.

    No, these errors I can’t fix them all, only if I go through post by post editing them

    and I only erased the head section of the code,

    btw, the postcontent is under a div layer and a table tag
    I don’t know why it goes all the all to the right

    No, these errors I can’t fix them all, only if I go through post by post editing them

    That’s what I was suggesting, I’m afraid. There seem to be errors in your HTML and these may be causing your problem; even if they’re not the cause, they are certainly making it more difficult to see what the real issue is.

    btw, the postcontent is under a div layer and a table tag

    From my own experience, I know that tables can be easy to get wrong. Check the code for the tables carefully and make sure you’ve got all your cells adding up to the right row widths, etc.

    Other than that, I’m sorry but I can offer no more suggestions.

    no these problems don’t affect at all, they were there previously

    now, only 2 errors
    and the problem is still there

    it is not a validating problem at all

    this problem is called expanding box issue, but I’m not able to find a solution at all, because when something happens, what you can do is just start over again


    This page gives a good explanation of the expanding box issue, and ways that you can work around it.

    looking for my friends…

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