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    I’ve just started using this helpful plugin.
    Folowed all the istructions to set up my own bot and it went fine ’till the point where I got the access token.
    When putting it inside the plugin and the clicking “save”, it doesn’t save anything and the field becomes blank again.
    I’ve already checked the token and tried also with telefication bot (inserting my chat id), but the plugin does not save!
    Also when checking the general settings and clicking “save”, it doesn’t save.
    Any solution? (already tried to reinstall a couple of time)
    Thank you!
    Leonardo DOnnini

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  • Plugin Author Foad Tahmasebi


    Hi, thank you for choosing Telefication.

    Could you please provide more information? I test it now on my live website. even I deleted it and installed it again. but everything works fine for me!

    which version of WordPress and PHP do you use? does it have the same behavior when other plugins are deactivated?

    Hi, i’ve tested it also for another site and it worked fine.
    On the current hosting space we have Php 7.1 version.
    Regarding the issue, is what I said: after setting up my own bot as described, I get the token and put it under “my own bot” tab.
    After clicking “save”, nothing happens though: the field where I’ve put the token becomes blank, I get to the first tab automatically and the settings are not saved.
    But, leaving for a moment the issue of the “own bot”, i get the same problem also trying just to save the notification settings (like checking the option “New Order” under “notify me for:”): I click save and nithing happens, it just reverts to a state where nothing is set (the initial one, to be precise).

    Any idea?
    Thank you very much!

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    Plugin Author Foad Tahmasebi


    since the plugin is working on your other sites, I think the problem should be a conflict with other plugins.

    you can disable other plugins one by one, to determine which plugin has conflict.

    and if debugging log on WordPress is enabled, it should be writing something in the log file.

    for enabling logs, add these lines to wp-config.php

    define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
    // if you are in production env
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );
    // Enable Debug logging to the /wp-content/debug.log file
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );

    delete debug.log file if exists, test the plugin again and look at debug.log, send to me this logs if is not empty.

    sorry for the delay, but work took time.
    Speaking about the plugin, I’ve tried everything you said, but it still does not save. I’ve even deactivated ALL the plugins and tried it alone: same results.
    Enabling error logging didn’t give me any additional informations: the file is not even created at all.

    I was wondering if could be possible to set the plugin “manually”, by modifying its files directly. Since it has to be set only once, it would be perfect for me also this way.
    I’ve opened its files but don’t have really a clue of where to put my own bot ID and how to activate “Notificate on new order” option manually.
    If you provide me the code lines I should modify it would be great.
    Thank you very much,

    Plugin Author Foad Tahmasebi


    Hi @leodonnini
    No problem 🙂

    Everything saves in the database as a serialized string, maybe something goes wrong when it wants to save in the database.

    Remove everything in Telefication Setting -> Send To Channel -> Message Template and save settings. now see is it works?

    Damm, you did it 🙂
    Removing everything under “message template” seemed the solution: now it saves the settings.

    Plugin Author Foad Tahmasebi


    Thanks for your time.
    I will fix it in the next version as soon as it possible.

    You’re welcome.
    Thank you for the help!

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