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    greetings all. And any help here would be awesome.
    First let me say I am happy to be back to coding…it has been far too long..

    14 years to be exact. So here’s whats up…

    I gond t this gig to build and maintain a content driven site. I don’t have any pro web skillz but I come from a C background.

    When I quit, websites were still new basically. And now I got to pick up all the words to get things going to where i think it would be viable.

    html/css no problem
    js, php – gotta study

    but im working on it so if i sound like rookie. then laugh about it 😛

    ok, im working on sites and have no idea how to debug and trace or even how to follow the code and see how wp flows first of all.

    for example:

    I would like to add some php to my site which will add social media buttons at the bottom of all posts made by our authors.

    I found snippets of code to add to posts itself but that’s not going to work.. i want it inside the php itself.

    but as to my dismay, I cannot seem to follow the code flow as if it were actually looking inside and IDE and doing step by step executable work like I did in C and assembler and even cobol haha. that’s how old i am by the way

    anyway, if i wanted to know where the exact php code is for any type of modification(header, footer etc….

    How do i know exactly which file i will have to edit and test?

    cool so far?

    rookie online cool. i gotta love the internet. I should have been doing this 10 years ago.

    thanks for any advice
    happy new year from China

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