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  • The last site I created is a reviewer site about a woodworking product, the Woodworking4Home.

    I tried to keep in mind all of my SEO knowlegde while build it. Please check it out if I missed something. What else could I do with it?

    Here you can check it out.

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  • Why don’t you target keywords such as woodworking beginners, woodworking from home, woodworking basics for your SEO? And instead of using woodworking4home in your post tags, I would rather use woodworking from home. Using ‘4’ in your tags is irrelevant in terms of searches coming via Google that may be related to your content.

    Thanks for your response, I keep in mind that.
    The reason I use ‘4’ instead of ‘for’ is that the product name is exactly Woodworking4Home. I want those people to find my site who search for this product.

    Firstly, why use the word “scam” in the domain, it is a turn off for the potential buyer. I see that you have started writing some content which is excellent. But you need more articles.

    Your theme is too simple, also missing out on a logo does not help much. I would suggest you to stop worrying about keywords at this stage and keep writing more articles. The more content you have, the more keywords you can target. Also, use facebook/twitter buttons, use social media to bring more traffic to your blog.


    AdsensePlugin, thank you for your response too!

    I’m writing a fourth article too but unfortunately I don’t have much time (as nobody have enough) so it will take some more days to complete and publish it.

    Yeah, I heard a lot: Content is King! 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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