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  • You have a great domain.

    Thanks.I still need to improve the site.Any suggestion are welcome.

    Nobody ?
    What plugin you recommend me fpr log in and newsletter?

    best regards

    Interesting site. You might want to look into expressing the message of the site in the header. I like the graphic that you have but I didn’t know what Finding The World is about until I found the About page link buried at the bottom of the site. You might want to add something in the header graphic to quickly and sum up what your site is about.

    Also, I was very confused with your footer widget section. There is just one widget there and it is small and seems odd. I would either put in more widgets or get rid of it and add it on to the sidebar instead.

    Good luck.

    Yes very interesting site and I do agree the “About” should be at the top and obvious so people understand what the object of the site is. Also I gather that there must be some copy / paste / translate used as in the Travel The world – Culture section some of the text is written in what seems to be mixed language and does not make sense. If it was from Chinese we would call it “Chinglish”
    Keep up the good work

    That’s a neat site! I like it! One tip: Under your Sports section you have “Healt”…I’m pretty sure you were aiming for “Health”!

    Looks good!

    Thnks for your replys.
    I will move About page on top meniu.
    Thanks for tips and advice.

    Best regards I wait your suggestion.

    Hello,i made some change on my what do you think ?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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