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  • Here’s another new blog:

    I used the Ahimsa theme, which of course I modified as I always do with any theme. Primarily, I added a bunch of stuff to the sidebar to make the navigation more user-friendly. I also made other small changes, such as adding some right & bottom margins to the alignleft class, adding nowrap tags to the header and sidebar elements, and a few other small changes.

    I plan to put a lot of information on this blog about setting up web sites in general as well as how to use WordPress.


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  • John, I am sure you can help me.

    I am opening my very first blog and want to open a new one, but I do not find the tools to do it in my administration panel.

    How do you do it? Regards, Jose

    Which web host do you use?

    Usually, there is a CPanel or Plesk or some kind of interface that you can log into and then look for a link or icon for an Automatic Installer or Fantastico.

    Typically you just have to go to your host’s web site and look for a login or “manage site” option.

    However, if you already have one blog installed and want to install a second one, your host’s automatic installer may not work because they are not always set up to let you choose the folder to place the installation in. I know that with webmasters you can only use the automatic installer once but with Lunarpages you can specify the folder and the database name, and therefore can have separate installations.


    Nice blog! Love the sidebar disappear link. I really love this blog.

    Thanks. The only thing I don’t like about that theme is that it looks MUCH nicer in Firefox than it does in Internet Explorer. Not very cross-browser compatible.

    nice blog. colorful.
    i’m curious about to install second wordpress. if i install new worpress but different folder, could the second wordpress work or conflict with old one?

    I use Firefox and this layout looks great.

    cayrol272 – You can have more than one installation of WordPress on a given domain. Two things to keep in mind are:

    1) They have to be in different folders (of course)

    2) They either need separate databases or they can share one database by setting the Database Table prefix in wp-config.php so they are not both the same. It’s a good idea in terms of security not to use the default wp_ prefix anyway. Personally I recommend separate databases. It’s always easier to merge data than it is to separate it.

    konradhartmann – Although you use Firefox and it looks good to you, your readers may not be using Firefox. If you have any sort of statistics plugin, you may want to see which browsers are being used most often by your audience. My own stats (from StatPress > Details) are 37.7% Firefox 3, 36.3% IE6, 18.1% IE7, 4.8% Safari, and 1% or less for all other browsers. So, I’ve got a total of 54.4% using IE compared to 36.3% using Firefox. Something to keep in mind.


    Cool. Thanks. I was just complimenting the layout. I know IE is in the majority.

    By the way, I cannot get to my site statistics on NetworkSolutions. Whenever I open a ticket with them, I get an automated acknowledgment, but never an answer.

    Is Network Solutions your domain name registrar, your host, or both? Most decent hosts offer some kind of statistics, but if they are just your registrar they may not offer any statistics package with that level of service.

    If you’re using WordPress, why not get one of the statistics plugins like StatPress Reloaded or Stats?

    Really nice, clean and simple layout, also like the vanishing toolbar. The only thing i don’t like is the colour scheme, green and orange!! (Well thats just my opinion) Other than that, looks great

    @carlowens, with release 2.2 (just out:, and should appear on shortly), you can set up your own colour scheme. It’s an alpha feature at this point, but does work.

    Regarding IE, some history: this theme is something I wrote up in my spare time for my blog whose readers are a few friends almost all of whom use Firefox or Safari (and now, Chrome). After I finished it up, I submitted it to on a whim, never expecting it to get this popular! I would like to support IE, but I am very loathe to do tricks with images or tables to get a curved border. I was disappointed that both IE and Opera did not choose to support any sort of rounded border attribute in their latest release. I was hoping they might.

    Maybe they will in a future release. You did a really great job on this one!

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    That has no relationship to anything that has been discussed in this thread. There is an area in the forum for showing off your site.


    I’d say IE6 doesn’t particularly like your layout — adding a huge header area. And there is a hilarious bug with ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ buttons at the bottom of every post — click them one after another a bit too quick and those areas start jumping up and down and wont ever stop :))

    and I think post text should stand out a bit more to compete with all colorful surrounding elements, may be increase/change font

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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