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  • Hello, I like the general feel its vibrant it looks engaging. I’m not a fan of long pages mind. Maybe that’s just a personal dislike mind…
    Maybe try organise more pages rather than a long scroll down?

    I like your feedback. Thank you so much. I would definitely try to organize this later tonight..

    I love it! I too am not a fan of long pages, but that’s okay. It all depends on who your audience is.

    I like the feel, the colors and the layout. What theme did you use?

    Thank you.
    I am using BigEasy Theme from

    I went to their site, and i like what they’re doing there. It’s like you have all your short codes built right into the theme that you can activate at anytime, and they’re professional looking too.

    Did it take you a long to learn how to use these elements? Or do you just know what you’re doing? Do they have tutorials that explain and cover the theme features you’re using? I’m still a beginner at making websites. I bought Woo Themes because their themes were clean, and it appeared like they had complete tutorials, but boy was I wrong! The videos that they do have are very good and easy to follow, but anything after that – is non existent. There are tons of people in the forums who have left countless questions, with no answer. The Moderators will respond to them to say that “…someone will get back to them”, but they never do, and those questions have no answers. So for me, their support forum is basically non existent – or you have to dig around, and perhaps find an answer for another theme and try the solution and hope that it will also work for your theme. Ugh! That drives me crazy.

    So that’s why I’m asking about Yootheme. Do they have tutorials, and are they good and are they complete? It appears that either you know what you’re doing, or they have pretty good tutorials and support.

    Sorry to ask so many questions but I’m really trying to find a company that offers premium themes with great features, yet I’m able to use.

    I finishing up a site now for a friend and I think it looks okay, but it can always be better if I had better instruction to use the shortcodes.


    Nice site

    HA! I just made a post with a big thank you, but I realized that I didn’t know if you were speaking about my site or ohhsomeche’s site. LOL!


    Yes Yootheme is good company for templates. They are available in Joomla and wordpress. And they have available support as well but usually you don’t need them since you rarely have issues unless you do stupid things. 😉

    I am not a developer nor expert of templates. I am a beginner of WordPress and barely read html and css codes.;)

    I know yootheme since I work on a Joomla company providing ecommerce solutions and I learn to install templates and how to setup since we also sell Joomla templates. 😉

    Just check out Yootheme site and if you feel good about it, then go!..

    Btw, your site looks clean and well organize…



    love the look and feel, its contemporary and artistic, may I ak what plugin you are using for the visitors count on blog posts?


    Thank you for your suggestions and your comments on my site. I’ve been looking for better tools, or themes that will allow me to do more. As I stated, I too am very much a beginner, and putting a site together, is a project that’s been more complicated than I anticipated, but I’m hooked!

    So I want to get better.

    Thank you again for your comments on my site, and suggestions for themes.

    @tony Alibaba

    Thanks for your feedback. I am using this plugin for blog post visitor counts

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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