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  • If anyone has any suggestions or tips or even KW’s let me know!
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    nice. id just say, the logo at the top, push it a bit more towards the left…its off. and the footer where the smaller menu is, push it more towards the right, its also off lol.

    aside from that, and this is just my opinion, the social bar at the side cheapens the feel of the site…maybe style iit different or something…put it elsewhere…

    just my .02

    but nice. looks good

    looks great. the logo needs to be twice as big though, aligned with the left edge of the menu beneath it.

    Nice Webshop!

    Very Nice and clean. Which theme you are using here?
    Have you made it’s mobile version too?

    I have to say it looks wonderful!

    That is only the store it isn’t done yet Will put another slider in and more:P please keep checking anyone SEO tips or mistakes that I made? or on KW’s Niche? anything!:D
    the Main Site is coming also I think that one is cooler haha from making it point of view:P and that will provide the traffic showing it off soon:p

    Logo is getting worked on no mobile version yt I quess… working on thing s:P I check view the full site with my iphone:p

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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