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  • podman99


    Thats a lovley header 😉



    This website is a user privacy nightmare. There´s more tracking than content…

    WordPress, Jetpack, Quantserve (WordPress´s Trojan Horse! Data goes straight to the market! Their plugins belong to the trash… Try PIWIK! It´s the same just on your server.

    Gravatar Sends your users email address wrapped up into an insecure hash code around the world and back, most of the times just to decide that you don´t have an avatar there but they are still serving you the mystery man avatar to justify their actions. And all the other people watching that site then get their data lopped as well…

    Google The lovely Web Fonts… Download and install them yourself, lazy! 😀

    I worked hours and hours, nights and nights to hard code every little bit of this malware out of my wordpress installation, my site only loads from one domain. (Ok, plus 1 image subdomain but still, same server!

    Sooo, especially alternative people, as commonly found amongst vegans, value their privacy and their right to decide before something is being taken from them. I´d say you have two options:

    1. Make a [language moderated] load of coffee and work it out.. 😀

    2 .Make a static start page (before wp!)that warns your users what´s ahead.

    In Europe, there is a new privacy law… they can sue you for a website like that. It´s not future proof in the states either.

    Well… just my two novels 🙂

    [Words de-capitalized, please do not shout]

    Not sure about that wrapping main nav, I think this site would benefit from fewer top level nav items and more sub nav. Your menu organisation seems unbalanced, as the ‘why vegan’ item has many sub pages but the others don’t – people are’t sure what to expect when they mouseover each main nav item because of this inconsistency. There’s also far too much on each page, also another reason for more levels of navigational depth. There’s just a bit too much info here! Why not cut down your quotes to just use top quote of the month, that way you have new content (good for SEO) – this quotes section might work in a side column. A site with this much content would benefit from a search function too. You’ve got 2 video pages at top level and sub nav level, that’s confusing.

    I t is really? I will introduce it to my friend, she is Vegan! So wonderful news!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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