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  • whooami



    its very pretty in firefox, but you might want to link it here, so that ppl dont have to click your profile to find it.

    Thanks whooami. I edited my entry. By the way, I have try my best to make it good in most browser, well, still there is some different in IE especially IE6




    I didnt look at in ie, but its IS very pretty 🙂

    Thanks, yours was nice too!

    does look very nice, but the images take a while to load..

    Any chance for a release?

    Jackosh, so sorry for the loading speed…

    SynGamer, hmm not good enough for a release…

    Oooo! Special, pretty, cute, feminine – would be perfect for a variety of things I think…. so if you could polish it up for release, I bet there would be a great deal of interest!

    I have a granddaughter who would love it….

    Bah, not good enough? I never buy that line 😛 Release now, get feedback, make better 😉

    I have to agree with jackosh: it looks cute but takes a while to download even on a highspeed cable connection. It might have to do something with the many-many images.

    Huh? Took like 3 seconds on my mid-range-speed satband.

    Hmm, moshu, I think it suppose to be the host location, I m from asia country…
    Btw, I load it pretty good here…

    SynGamer,thanks for your opinion though, still I would liek to maintain it to myself, not that I’m selfish…

    I understand. Very nice design, would love to use it (though I would have to modify it a little, make it a bit more…manyly :P).

    Very nice!

    SynGamer, yeah, I do agree with you…it’s more for gals!

    housefboyd, Thanks

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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