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  • Well I used to promote my blog with digg and other social networking sites, but I found that even if a story is good that people will automatically call it blog spam, and my blog even got banned from digg because of people like that.

    So I created this site

    its very new and im using a php script like digg, also right now im keeping the site ad free, I might put some later so I can raise some money to get a professional script done.

    Well yea check it out and let me know of any bugs you find! Also im looking for some moderators so IM me on aim at supersteve9219

    Also feel free to submit a bunch of links for your blog!

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  • Well, if it ever becomes a world famous site – remember, I was the first submitter 🙂

    Looks interesting.
    Good luck!


    I don’t really care how big it gets as long as it helps some bloggers out.

    I do plan on doing alot of improvements though!

    One thing:

    what is Sagags?
    Sagags is a social networking developed for blogers! read more

    should be:

    what is Sagags?
    Sagags is a social networking developed for bloggers! read more

    Li’l misspelling….

    Isn’t there also a grammatical error there? Shouldn’t it be “Sagags is a social networking SITE developed for bloggers”?

    The site isn’t working for me. Comes up with file list.

    well the site is down but should be back up in a hour, im doing a little tinkering!

    ok its back up, im sorry but I lost your post 🙁

    thanks for telling me the grammer errors also, if you see anymore please let me know!

    Well, in that case let us know when you have a site ready to go, which doesn’t need tinkering every hour and doesn’t loose posts, usernames and passwords.

    ok its fully up and has been for the last 2 weeks with no problems, so theres really no chance of loosing your post/usernames right now!

    Glad you got it working. Personally, I have ZERO use for any of the social networking silliness, so don’t expect me to register etc.

    well i wasnt really expecting you to join anyways! GOSH!

    It appears to be down again!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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