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  1. linkfr
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi everyone,

    I previously managed to create a second site within a multisite network.

    In my main site (mainsite.com) the dashboard and the site itself work ok.

    In the first different site i created (second-site.com) the dashboard and the site itself work also well.

    But in the third different site i am trying to create (third-site.com) i'm having this problem:

    The dashboard shows mainsite instead of thirdsite on the admin bar as the name of the site i'm working on (no matter it seems i'm inside the thirdside's dashboard as i should and no matter the address bar proves so too).

    Even more, whenever i try to visit thirdsite it takes me directly into mainsite.

    So indeed i have two "mainsites" (the real main one and the third) no matter i configured the settings of each in order to have three domains mapped within the network.

    Does anyone have any clues on how i may solve this please?

  2. Are you mapping domains? It sounds like you did the DNS half, but not the part in your network admin where you need to actually map the domain.

  3. linkfr
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Ipstenu,

    I am sorry, i was not able to post yesterday even if i tried. Indeed the problem was i previously created several sites which i later deleted...

    So during the mapping my site number 2 was not number 2 but number 10 indeed.

    This because blogs.dir keeps the record for each of the previous sites (2, 3, 4...) no matter i delete them in admin.

    So during the mapping, even if i have only 2 sites in admin, i was supposed to type number 10 in the site ID field and not 2 - because this was my 10th site "creation".

    There's no more problem, but thanks for your help!

  4. I wrote a handy mu-plugin that'll show you what the ID is: http://halfelf.org/hacks/site-id-columns-multisite/

  5. linkfr
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Wow (as usual for everything dealing with WordPress for newbies like me), this is amazing, thanks a lot!

    Once i got it about the site ids, i was amazed there was no column indicating each site's id in original admin... But now my admin does, thanks again!

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