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  • Hey!

    I have built a new niche site at a good digital camera.

    I was wondering how I can improve its design?

    Also, would it be illegal if I just copy paste this guy’s product description at Canon PowerShot SX130IS?

    I know Google doesn’t like duplicate content but there is a WP plugin to bypass this, no?

    Thank you very much =)

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  • Other than a header image, you have NO content. So what’s to critique?

    OK, the header image seems to patch together several images, some of which are enlarged or stretched making them blurry and out of shape.

    Generally, it is not OK to just copy and paste someone else’ work. Anything that is put up on the internet has an automatic copyright. Unless there is some disclaimer suggesting Public Domain, you would be infringing on a copyright. Copying a small snippet and then linking back to the original website may be OK if “Fair Use” applies.


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