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  • Hello

    I have recently opened a blog for my Designer Clothing range, handmade from natural materials 🙂

    thx Tracey

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  • for some reason the link did not appear so here it is again

    Scruffy Girl Blog

    Honestly, not very appealing visually, especially for a feminine clothing oriented fashion blog. I would wish to see it either very colorful and vibrant or on a minimalistic and classic black and white canvas, depending on my target audience and creative aspects.

    Try and consider the upper-space for more visuals than push the text and links below them. Too many links are not very appealing too. Slideshow widget is good, if made wider and pulled to top. Coraline is a fantastic theme if customized well. otherwise blog seems fine.

    Cheers !


    thank you for the feedback

    i am not sure how to change the size of the widget, as it is a feed from instagram, would love to be able to center it and change the size 🙂

    I will take your other comments on board

    thanks Tracey

    Hmm..if customization is not an option you may like to have a look at these theme options which i guess pretty much perfectly suits your blog niche. They are all neat, sexy, fast and responsive..that is it will run also on handheld devices. Cant ask much for free 🙂

    Making a blog visually appealing wont guarantee more sales but sure people will stick around bit longer, provided the contents are good too.

    Goodluck !


    i have changed a bit such as links colours etc like you suggested, but it is the changing image widget i cant change 🙁

    thanks Tracey

    hi..I wasn’t suggesting to change it, I meant you could place things with better visual aesthetics. There are several stunning fashion blogs out there to get inspired from. BTW, due to some reason your blog is not loading currently.

    Your site is loading darn slow. I’ve never heard of this to be honest. Anyone has a good experience with them? Try to ensure that your site will be having fast server response because nobody has the will to stay longer waiting.

    earningsarea, not sure what you are talking about

    southcast our server was taken offline for emergency repairs think something to do with a power supply

    @ scruffy1 your site is hosted by, right? I found it very slow while i visited it and wondering about your host’s credibility. Nothing more.

    hi no it is not hosted by anyone we host it ourselves with our own server


    wow..this is way better, the way images open in a lightbox is awesome. Charlotte looks super-cute. You are doing a great progress.
    Best wishes.

    thank you


    Nice site, but I agree you can defiantly make the presentation better. Look at some inspirations online, it would greatly help you 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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