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    Finally my wp ecommerce site is up and running!! And I’m really pleased! I used the crafty cart theme and modified the background, colours and logo so it was customised to my new image! I then added the gold cart upgrade and the grid view…

    Please visit to see my beautiful handmade jewellery… new products are being added all the time!



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  • brew13


    I suggest taking another look at the color scheme. Also be sure to get the best photographs of your products that you can. Consider installing a lightbox so visitors can see a large image of the product. There are many plugins and I’ve pasted one link below:

    Keep up the work. This is a long term project.



    Hi, I love you blog. And I run a fashion handbags blog. Pls take a look at it:

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    ( now)—I started off just looking for some great Christmas presents. I spent hours looking at different wholesalers on

    Alibaba and another site called Tradeskey. You could go crazy comparing prices and reading feedback from all these places. I finally decided on because they have the best pictures. You know how sometimes a website only posts the designer catalog photo? This site takes

    4-6 BIG photos and shows all the details. No ‘surprises’ this way! They don’t carry any of that flea-market junk. The pricing is great and you get

    additio nal discounts too. When my first order came I was shocked at how great the quality is. I have some real designer items and this site’s quality

    matches the original. I only use now.

    ( сейчас) — я начал просто ищет некоторые большие рождественские подарки. Я часами смотрел на различные по оптовым

    Алибаба и другой сайт называется Tradeskey. Можно сойти с ума сравнивая цены и чтению отзывов от всех этих местах. Я, наконец, принял решение о, поскольку они имеют лучшие фотографии. Вы знаете, как иногда сайт, только должности дизайнера фото каталога? Этот сайт имеет

    4-6 большие фотографии и показывает все детали. Нет “сюрпризы” таким образом! Они не несут никакой это блошиный рынок хлама. Цена велика, и вы получите

    additio NAL скидки тоже. Когда мой первый приказ Я была потрясена, насколько большим качеством. У меня есть реальные пункты дизайнера и качество сайта

    соответствует оригиналу. Я использую только сейчас.

    Hi Mel. Your website is lovely and I wonder if you could help with my problem as looks like you know what to do?! I am trying to set up paypal payment and when customer is redirected to paypal and confirm him details to agree pay it takes him back to my website where on transaction result page is no information about product, only his address and transaction is not complete. I am really trying to work this out for 2 day so if you think you know please let me know. I would really appreciate it. My website
    Thank you

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