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  • Anonymous

    i found it a very neat blog

    i also started blog recently on wordpess



    The brawl was pretty interesting!

    Nisheeth, it would be more polite to post your own thread, rather than promote your blog in justmecool’s thread, don’t you think?


    Hi Rosecity,

    The problem with world is that they think eveyone is like them…

    I am not trying to promote my blog as i am not sellng anything…

    I though this section was to share and get feedback about each other’s blog and thats what i did… i recently tried different things with wordpress and wanted to seek opinion…

    FYI i had already initiated the thread before this one to seek feedback…i am not here to get unwanted people to my blog as its not a commercial blog..

    ALso, i just notice, by ur name so..u are actually promoting your web..



    Only a suggestion – “very neat blog” followed by a link to your own blog and a request for a review, is not exactly what the poster was looking for.

    As far as my user name, I don’t get your point. It’s my user name – and yes, it partially resembles my site name. That could be looked at as branding, but you can’t put it in the same league as what you did – I didn’t post a link to my site and ask for feedback in someone else’s thread that is requesting feedback.

    Like I said, only a suggestion – you can take it or leave it…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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