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  • A little to much white space for me and your site showed up with a scroll bar on the bottom. I believe the YouTube Video on your right sidebar is causing your site to become very wide.

    OK, thanks for the recommendation, i am removing the ad now

    the look i was going for was a newspaper look… but maybe i need to come up with a different idea

    content wise, do you think the blog works

    The autoplay music is a little 1995. Other than that, I like it! It’s clean and easy to navigate. If you are into the newspaper look, you should play around with your homepage a bit–you can really spice it up!

    For example, I’m repurposing my site to be more article-based and less bloggy (even though nothing has changed infrastructure-wise). Check out what I did with home.php:

    It calls the loop like 9 times, but I have aggressive caching activated.

    I didn’t stay long enough, once I heard the music. You should really get rid of that. 99% of people (probably more) find it exceedingly irritating, in my experience.

    I agree, nice but music is irritating.

    ok, thanks for all the comments. I will continue to improve on it

    ok, got rid of the audio.. a mistake on my part..

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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