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My New Blog (Check It Out Please)

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  • site design, color scheme used and presentation are all very good. But content is lacking. Also you have divided your site in to three parts good, bad and ugly as per the site name. but the post in the three sections don’t make sense on their own as to why are they in that section.

    The reason is in my about my blog section. The are categorized by how I view the topic emotionally. Topics I have a liking for and talk favorably of belong in The Good, topics which I seen in a more negatively light belong in The Bad and things I have a strong dislike for go in The Ugly. It’s based off how I personally feel about each subject really. Its a different way to categorize things. Each category will contain the same topics such as sports, life, or politics but they will be categorized as to how I feel about certain topics in those categories. The blog is to write about things I have emotionally charged opinions about, the categories just make it easier to already know I feel about a topic before reading the whole post.. Everyone will have their own favorite category depending on what type of person they are, I think it’s a cool idea actually ad I’m glad I thought of it so content isn’t an issue I know it’s good content. I got over 100 followers in one month on a similar blog so people like my writing. This gives me a chance to talk about more topics and put out more content by categorizing them based of my emotions. They are still categorized none the less, anyone can easily pick up on this sorry if it went over your head. thanks anyway

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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