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  1. Anonymous
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Well, after some time wrestling with the installation, and following some help from the forum, I finally got the blog up and running.
    So far, I've tidied up the appearance to (kind of) fit in with my main site (which I developed from scratch). Of course, there's a technology mismatch between the WP blog and my community forum software (PHP5/MySQL versus ASP/SQL Server) so for the moment the blog is very much a bolt-on, though it's looking reasonable.
    The other things I've done are to muck about with the relative positioning of the side-bar box (to make way for the introduction of tabs back to the main site - still TBD) and as there are currently three of us blogging, I've added an avatar facility to show a little pic next to posters' entries. It's early days, and I'm keen to tidy it up a bit more (I've no test environment, so I'm coding live so to speak).
    The blog is here (link opens up new window) and the main site is here.
    Comments welcome on either bit - my users (somewhere just shy of 7000 at current levels) haven't really discovered the blog yet, so there's some promo work to be done to them and until they start reading the blog, I'm thirsty for feedback.
    Thanks WP, for saving me a lot of work developing blogging software (which was my alternative, and given that time is short, I am delighted to be able to count myself as a WP user).

  2. NuclearMoose
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Welcome to WordPress!

  3. Anonymous
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I like your use of lilac (makes a change from blue!) and it's also a pleasant change to see a font of readable size!

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