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  • Just wanted to promote my blog. I took some cool video footage of fighter jets today over Brooklyn. I thought people might be interested to check it out.

    Tony Z.

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  • Nice layout, but your navigation is awful – I didn’t know it was a navigation until I hovered over it.

    The site look is clean,, and I assume you cleaned up the navigation previously mentioned. I’d start first by having someone fluent in English check the spelling. Seriously. For a business site, this is critical.

    The use of lowercase letters without capitalizing sentences is fine for gimmicks, but they are essential to a professional business site, so you might want to consider adding those back in.

    Technically, the site has errors that need to be fixed which will help make the site clean underneath as well as on top.

    In the blog section, as the page is loading, an add flashes in the header which is terribly annoying and unflattering to the nice design. It has a different header and look to it, but it also has many errors, so if it involves the use of a different install or template, be sure and fix and validate that one, too.

    Ah, I just found the “real” navigation. Okay, this is not a good thing. We have no incentive to move the mouse over the pictures. This must be fixed. Make text visible or leave the pictures and put the links underneath with the rest of the words that are and are not in links (very odd).

    Mouse-over effects are neat, but they are overused and gimmicky, and unless they are used RIGHT, they are worthless.

    There are other nitpicky things, but clean up what is most important.

    One last thing. It looks like you all are not from the US. If you are not, please include your country code in the phone number at the top if you want international business and expect your site to attract international visitors. Even if you are, something like US:T 123-123-1234 would help.

    Yeah, I’ve been real lax about fixing my navigation and the site in general. Just getting back on my feet after many months of struggling with a job search and stuff, so I haven’t been the most proactive person. Thanks for pointing all this stuff out. And yes, I know there are some spelling errors…fixing those too.

    I like the lowercase though…I’m gonna stay with that for now.

    I spent most of the weekend fixing the CSS. I wasn’t that great with it, but now I’m getting better and working at it.

    I’ll get rid of the Skype banner…good suggestion.

    The site is a work in progress.


    Every website is a work in progress. 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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