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  • On the multisite I started again from the beginning.

    I removed the site url from your sites control panel and deleted the plugin from my site.

    I then re installed the WPTC plugin on the multisite and network activated and let it create a new folder on AWS.

    When that was done, this is the first thing I saw on your control panel was that it created the URL using http:// not https://.

    There’s only one place this could have come from, and thats from the WPTC plugin getting it wrong.

    WPTC will never be able to back up the site because it won’t be able to access the site using http://. It must use an https:// URL as the whole site is protected by SSL encryption.

    WPTC 1.19.1 (and before I think) when it creates a bucket writes the URL as http://, even though the site is running on https://.

    This is true if its a single site, or if its a multisite, but with the single site it can easily be fixed by making https:// explicit in the URL.

    That way WPTC doesn’t change it back again.

    However, with the multisite, WPTC always changes the site or subsite URL back to http://. I don’t think it makes any difference if its NginX (like my sites) or Apache.

    In a multisite you cannot explicitly write the URL as https:// in the setup. In fact, a multisite only works if the URL is NOT explicit. Domain mapping won’t work otherwise.

    So, if the code in WPTC relies upon a hard coded URL in the WordPress setup, I think you guys, and us, are shit out of luck.

    It won’t work with multisite and more often than not, it won’t work with single site either, as most admins either don’t know how to setup the URL, or are excluded from changing that part of the URL structure, and don’t have root access needed.

    Until you guys fix it in your code I can’t do much more than I have already done.

    Over to you.

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  • I finally got it working on multisite without your acces control resetting the https:// back to http://

    I replaced two instances each in wp_options and
    wp_sitemeta with the https:// version of the URL and reconnected the site to your control panel.

    At first it changed back to the http:// version but I used your control panel to change the site URL back again, and this time when I reconnected it, it didn’t change it.

    I think you guys have got some work to do because most people won’t know how, or won’t want to start editing their SQL, in order to get a plugin working.

    We are facingsuch issue for much site website

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