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  • I am running the contrast theme, and haven’t had any significant problems, until now. I noticed the other day though that suddenly the menu and background are missing on my blog post pages. I have disabled on plugin at a time to see if I could track down the problem, and nothing changed, so I don’t think it that.
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    see the menu on the left of the home page, when you click on blogs on the blog page you still see the menu, then when you navigate to any of the posts, the menu and backgrounds are missing.
    Any help would be really appreciated

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  • Well, you have more than one issue there.

    The background is missing because you need this code from the home page:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    							slide_interval		: 3000,
    							transition			: 1,
    							transition_speed	: 2000,
    							slide_links			: 'blank',
    							slides 				: [{image : ''},{image : ''},{image : ''},{image : ''},{image : ''},{image : ''}]
    				<div id="progress-back" class="load-item">
    					<div id="progress-bar"></div>
    							<div class="pattern pattern-02">&nbsp;</div>

    on all the pages that you want that background effect to be visible. I’m not familiar with that theme, but ordinarily, that means page.php and single.php in addition to index.php, I think.

    Your home page div with the class “content” also has a class called “transparent,” which you probably need to have on all the pages, too.

    I do see the actual menu code on the individual blog pages when I look at the source code, the menus just don’t show up all the time. There is a “display: none” for the class “navigation” on line 61 of your style.css that may or may not be involved. I’d try commenting it out temporarily to see if it solves the problem, and leave it if not. Either way, it looks like the menus not showing up on the individual blog pages may be a CSS or javascript-triggered CSS issue. I say that because when I disable javascript the menu code is still there, but the menus aren’t visible on any page, including the home page. You may need to do some comparison between the pages where the menus do appear and those they do not to figure out the source. I’m not seeing any javascript errors.

    Thanks Linux4me2, perhaps i was too vague in my description of the background. The blog post pages do not, nor are they supposed to have the slideshow background. Instead they should each just have a static image.
    I have not been able to open any blog post that shows the menu. One thing i did notice last night that I thought was odd. When I am in wordpress, and i click “Preview Changes” the look like they are supposed to” Is that use full in diagnosing the problem?

    I found it! Your comment on the Javascript lead me to it. Int the sharing settings. I realized I was only including the sharing settings on blog posts, where the problem was limited to, so i checked it out and saw a box saying:
    Disable CSS and JS Advanced. If this option is checked, you must include these files in your theme manually for the sharing links to work.
    So i clicked it and saved changes and voila, my blogs look great again.

    There you go! Excellent work.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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