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  • Hi there,

    I went to my main blog site and noticed today that there are no blog entries showing up on that page. All it says is this:

    Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

    I checked and all the posts are archived but a blank front page. Why did this happen? I would love someone to help me fix this. I am a novice at html stuff. Here is my site:

    thanks for you help!

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  • your recent posts show up in your feed, so i would suggest switching to the defualt theme, and seeing if they dont get re-displayed on your front page.

    If so, then look into what is in your custom theme’s chosen front page, whether it be an index.php, home.php or some other static page, that would cause that to happen.

    If not, disable all of your plugins.. and do the same.

    Ok, I did everything you said and had to disable all the plugins
    and the page loaded just fine. But when I went to activate the
    plugins again, the page was empty again.

    Anything else I can do?
    Thanks so much for your help so far!

    well, obviously if disabling the plugins fixed the problem, then one of those plugins is altering whats displayed on the front page.


    so now you figure out which one, by disabling them one at a time, and refreshing the front page as you go.

    then you dont use that plugin, or you figure out why its doing that, and make an adjustment.

    Ahh…ok, well I found out that it was the “sticky post” plugin
    that was giving me troubles. Is this a big problem to deactivate this one?

    thanks again

    Is this a big problem to deactivate this one?

    if you have to ask that, then obviously not..

    Thank you.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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