My <br>'s are not breaking lines. (1 post)

  1. aaronrobb
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I've read alot of the topics on this already. I started with wordpress taking away my
    when i post or save or just went into the other viewing tab. I fixed that by taking out some code in the filters.php file and went down to the simplist view to write the posts (not happy about that, but whatever). So i'm using firefox on a mac (meaning no IE cause that program isn't made for us anymore), and i've heard alot of complaints about wp on firefox with no mods or programmers coming to its rescue. So i'm not really expecting much help here.
    Anyway, enough rant. my
    s don't work. my post comes up all bunched together. they now stay in the post, but just don't do anything.
    any ideas???

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