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    Background: I’m an MVP on someone else’s WordPress-based site on the internet. The site has a very short edit period for posts. I’m old and slightly dyslexic and make loads of typos (in my usually long and detailed step-by-step instructions about how to resolve various IT issues), many of which I don’t pick up on until after this edit period has expired. So… what to do?

    Aha! I installed a pre-configured site (based on Turnkey Linux) locally as a VMWare VM on a Windows 10 PC on my LAN. Worked great and I updated it to the latest WordPress 5.5.1. I now prepare my posts locally without any edit period restrictions, fix my numerous typos then copy/paste them to the remote site. Conversely, I’ve been copying/pasting my previous posts on the internet website to my local WordPress site so I have a local backup.

    This worked great again… for many hours. And then it didn’t. Several times now I’ve refreshed the internet website only to be locked out with a 503 error – “Your access to this site has been limited by the site owner” – due to WordFence. The ‘Block Reason’ given is “Accessed a banned URL”. This clears by the next day but happens again and again… three days in a row now.

    I’ve noticed that my local site running in the VM now shows my (gr)avatar from the internet site. How did that happen? How have the two sites seemingly become linked? And how do I/can I unlink them? Was it because I used the same email address for both my local site and the other person’s internet sites?

    Go gently, please. This is my first post and I’m just a ‘content creator’ for the internet site, not a forum admin. By that I mean I know next to nothing about WordPress except I was able to install a self-contained turnkey version as a local VM and begin to add posts to it. That’s the limit of my WordPress experience so far.

    Many thanks in anticipation. Rick

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    What! My (gr)avatar from the other internet site appears here too! It must be my email address… it’s the only common factor ‘cos I’ve used different usernames on each site.

    A gravatar is linked via the gravatar service so that email address connects that gravatar to any other WordPress based sites where you are known.

    As far as your WordFence issues at that site, the one you are concerned about… the best person to ask would be the admin(s) there but it might be because you are inadvertently accessing or referencing assets on that source site so you might want to delete any images or files linked within the posts you are copying.

    That would possibly even include CSS and javascript resources depending on how you are ‘capturing’ those.

    You might take a look at adding the PressThis plugin to your local hosted WordPress but on a localhost on Windows that might not want to work very well. Cut and paste may be your best (or only) option still.

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    ROFL… thank you for the info, both about the gravatar and the WordFence error. It must be the images.

    I post loads of screenshots to the internet site. I’ve just been copying all my previous posts – screenshots and all – from the internet site and pasting them to my local WordPress site, even though I have the original screenshots stored locally prior to posting them online.

    I’ve just looked on my local site, clicked on a screenshot and can see a ‘Replace’ button that looks like it’ll break the link to the external site and let me re-direct to my own ‘Media Library’ (when I work out what that involves).

    Thank you once again.

    EDIT: Yay! Now sorted to point to local image files.

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