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  • Hi,
    the first thing I want to say, is that I’m very happy that we have finally one extension able to handle most of facebook interconnection:
    -facebook chat
    -facebook feed
    -Facebook instagram (if. you succeed to get approved….)

    Bugs or features:
    -Plugin keeps telling me that facebook chat is not configured…in my admin backoffice. with that “dismiss” click button. And my facebook chat is setup and running.
    -product sync is not working..facebook business is also proposing to force the scheduling but we don’t have access to the facebook woocommerce feed link. this would be great to have.

    -There is no option to customize facebook chat. for example:
    –avoid pop up the message
    –option to popup welcome message after a certain timing.
    –the close button of the popup facebook messenger doesn’t close easily

    -what about facebook social login?

    Thanks in advance to take these issues in consideration and hope a new update is coming soon… almost a year without update.

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  • Hi @bidiesman!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin, we appreciate it! 🙂

    Our team here at SkyVerge recently took over development and support for the plugin. I can assure you that our team is working hard to update the plugin and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to get one out in the next couple of weeks. We’re dedicated to making sure the plugin is easier to use and more reliable!

    In terms of your feedback, much of that should be covered in our new update, so please do keep an eye out for version 1.10.0!

    As to the Facebook social login, I’m not certain if this is currently planned. What I might recommend in the meantime is WooCommerce Social Login for all your social login needs:

    That said, I’ll certainly take this request back to my team for their review!

    Thanks again for your feedback here and I hope you’ll check out the new version when it’s released.

    Julie 🙂

    Thread Starter bidiesman


    Hi plugin is updated now. but nothing about my little request about the facebook chatbox.
    I know it’s a free plugin. but still if this could be integrated.
    -choose to not automatically open the chat box
    -and/or choose to open the chatbox after a certain timing

    this would be really really appreciated.
    Thanks and looking forward 😉

    Hey @bidiesman,

    We’re definitely not done with our enhancements! This was our first attempt to knock out some of the more persistent issues.

    That said, I was wondering if you might be open to chatting with a member of my team about these enhancements you’re talking about.

    If so, would you please open up a request here:

    And you can reference this forum thread.

    Otherwise, not to worry, I’ll happily log your feedback to ensure our team is aware of your feature requests.

    Thanks so much, @bidiesman!

    Julie 🙂

    Thread Starter bidiesman


    Looking forward getting in touch and rocket this plugin as number one between woocommerce and facebook tools.

    Hey @bidiesman,

    Got it, thanks! I’ll respond shortly via email. Appreciate it!

    Julie 🙂

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