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  • I updated to fix the security hole in 2.8.3 and now mylinkorder doesn’t work. Please someone patch it as this is a great and indispensable plugin 🙂

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  • Visit the My Link Order page where you do the ordering, it needs to patch a file.

    I am sing this plug in to organize menus on Connected Home- Easy Home Networking Guide. I upgraded to 2.8.3 for 2.7.1 the plug in was broken. Now I had to upgrade to 2.8.4 and it broken again. I love this plugin but its seems to be very sensitive to upgrades. Creator thanks for your great work. Please please fix the plugin or at least tell us how.

    Oh well followed suggestion above by forman118. It did apply the patch automatically. Problem resolved. Thanks

    I’ve also upgraded to 2.8.4 and re-patched the file, but this plugin seems not to be working anymore.
    Any ideas?


    maybe after updating your wordpress to > 2.8.3 you use “links” in your widget?
    now you have to use “my-link-order”, it works correct now on all of my websites.


    @froman118 – i am visiting the “my link order” page (where i do the ordering, i.e. which category to show first) and i don’t see a patch page

    it’s working! thanks.

    I believe I am having the same difficulty as others with ‘My Link Order’ not working correctly with 2.8.4. I am so dependent on this plug-in and it has been a work in progress to keep it working correctly during the many WordPress updates.

    1. Alpha. Can you rephrase (simplify) what you did to fix the issue to get ‘My Links Order’ to display again?
    2. Is there any other plug-ins that are similar to the functionality ‘My Link Order’ provides? The author of the plug-in wrote that WordPress 2.8.3 was the last version he is going to keep-up with the plug-in.
    “This will also be the last version of this plugin I will release. I am working on a new “2.0” version that will only support WP 2.8 and greater. This jump will finally include the ability to have multiple widgets.”

    Each time you upgrade WP you have to visit the My Link Order page where you do the ordering. In it’s current form the plugin has to patch a core file to make everything play nice with the built in functions.

    The new version of the plugin I want to create will start fresh and not rely on these core files. I also want to switch to the new Widget API that is only supported by 2.8 and above. That will make life a lot easier for everyone.

    Until I have that new version released I’ll make sure that the plugin isn’t completely broken by a new version, but there will be a point when I’m going to cut off any fixes and those on 2.8 will want to migrate to the new plugin. I’ve published this plugin for almost 3 years and it really hasn’t changed at all and is becoming a pain to maintain.

    Hmmm… does my-link-order work in WordPress MU? I installed the plugin into my MU site (2.8.4a). I’m seeing the patch in wp-includes/taxononmy.php:

    else if ( ‘order’ == $_orderby )
    $orderby = ‘t.term_order’;
    elseif ( empty($_orderby) || ‘id’ == $_orderby )
    $orderby = ‘t.term_id’;

    The My Link Order page under Links seems to work. The My Link Order widget seems to work.

    But the My Link Order widget doesn’t display anything in the sidebar…


    I’ve never tested it in MU, but in the past I’ve heard that it has worked correctly. Maybe that changed at some point. Have you tried displaying it without the widget and sticking a call to wp_list_bookmarks in your theme?


    Thanks! I got it to work. It turned out that if I put anything in the “exclude categories” or “include categories” fields in the widget, nothing shows up. If I leave those fields blank, the links display as expected. I’m not clear on what those fields are supposed to be used for. But the plugin is working – so I’m happy!

    It would be nice if there was some instructions on how to use this plug in. The best I can find is that I can drag and drop the links where I want them. But where do I go to drag and drop them is not told. There is no link in the plug in like most. So how I am supposed to drag them is beyond me.

    It’s under the Links menu.

    hi. i get to the “ordering page” and there is no patch or anything? what can i do?

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