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  • Supercars For Sale

    This is one of my current works-in-progress.
    It was running a really nice car-related theme, but I started getting weird pop-ups, so I’ve had to revert to twenty-ten for now (customised a bit)..
    It’s using an rss aggregator, and outputs to RSS, Twitter, and e-mail updates.

    Currently hosted with for FREE.
    I’ve already been told off for hammering their mysql server, and even got banned for 12 hours, as their DDOS attack detection system thought I was an attacker!

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  • Joe


    Nice choice of car in the theme header: The Lamborghini Reventon 😀


    Site is currently DOWN. 000webhost appears to have pulled the plug, without warning.
    This follows on from the ‘slow sql query’ messages they’ve been sending me for the last week. The query in question is the standard WP posts fetch, and 000webhost’s server can’t cope.. Unfortunately, I’m away from the office today, so I can’t switch hosts until tomorrow.
    Previous to this, they locked-out my IP for 12 hours for excessive use – I was developing a website, guys!
    000webhost – avoid at all cost!



    000webhost markets itself as a free hosting provider, but also has a paid hosting package for extra features. If you are on the paid package, you could request a refund, but if it’s the free plan then you can’t really complain except make other arrangements to host your site with another ISP.




    I just re-read your original post and noticed you are actually on the free package.


    Their free mysql service is not capable of supporting a wordpress site.
    Page load times were glacial.
    Their customer service was appalling. No way would I ever pay them money!
    000webhost – avoid!

    I use 000webhost and I’m fine at the moment but if they do pull the plug I’m out… forever.

    Good looking site. Works fine in IE8.

    Also, nice to see you consider Corvette’s as Super Cars, 🙂


    The site’s now just about back up.
    All the UK content is back. The US will have to wait until next week. I’ve hammered x10s server enough for one day 🙂

    (I have dropped a couple of categories, though.. not Corvettes!)

    I’m very pleased to see that I can use the auto-install and update options on plugins. That’s never worked before..

    I have noticed a few DB connection faults today. Probably caused by me hammering the servers.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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