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  • By mistake I published a slightly previous version of a post after I had just published it.
    Something went wrong and when I went to the front page, the post had been unpubleshed. It was back with the drafts. So I published again changing the post to a minute after and it was published again, but it didn’t apear in my feed.
    For some reason the post even though it’s published on the site does not apear in the xml.
    does any one know what has caused this an if there a solution?

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  • You are going to hate this answer, but make another post and it should then show up because the previous is not last, I really do not know what may cause this though, could be a cookie issue with your browser if it does not get the most current page.

    never mind.
    It was an issue with FeedBurner and the redirect of the feed in my htacces. If you ever have a similar problem here is the solution:
    you need to burn your feedburner feed again, but you won’t be able with the redirect in place.
    If you have a backup of your htacces, copy back the original feed line of the htaccess and comment out the redirect to the feedburner.
    Go to the feedburner and burn your feed again.
    Go back to your htaccess and restore the feedburner redirect commenting out the original. Leave in place in case this happens again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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