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  • Very nice 🙂 Are you a mac user?

    yes, and it is all done with text edit and fetch. i havent had a chance to test in on explorer, any body who wants to give me feedback with different browsers? i had a look at your blog very nice, youre only 16 :O
    your blog was very nice, done on a mac?

    common people, i need some windows users to reply?
    how does it look in windows, any screenshots?

    It looks fine in FF.

    it dont look fine on IE , the background is not taking 100% so @ the end , the post is on blue background instead of white …

    aaa. crap, anybody know how to fix?

    We do not support K2 here. The official support forum for K2 is here:

    What DO you support ?


    Yeah, I kinda figured that part out.

    What’s the “Themes and Templates” section of the “WordPress Support” area for ?

    I don’t mind a bit of discussion – even if opposing opinions are confronted, the only thing I care for to be based on facts.
    Since on the main page of K2 it says “K2 is a WordPress modification”, it was said n+1 times in this forum that we do not support it. Period.
    Now, don’t reply and move on; otherwise I’ll close this.

    This is obviously a sore subject.
    I’m not very active on this forum, so please excuse my ignorance of the history/drama.

    I read the original post, briefly glanced at the K2 site and missed the meaning behind “modification,” so I just thought it was yet another simple WordPress theme.

    You can understand my confusion as to why this post solicited such a, “we don’t support that here” response.

    Maybe a locked sticky titled, “No K2 support questions” is warranted ?

    By the way, since you don’t support K2, closing this thread doesn’t really matter much.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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