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  • Hi,

    I’m having problems with word press after installing it. I’m a complete newbie to wp so I don’t understand anything about how to fix these issues… And although my hosting company’s customer care is great and they’ve already helped me with this – the problem is not solved.

    Ok, so yesterday I went to my cpanel, then fantastico de luxe and installed word press to my domain. In the “new installation” there was only available word press 3.03. That part went well anyways and I managed to install it and login perfectly to my admin account.

    BUT the problems started when I noticed that the installed version was old and there was available the 3.1. So naturally wanted to update. I chose the automatic update, then noticed that to be able to do it I needed my FTP hostname, user and password. So I asked these from my host and got them.

    Now it has turned out that probably this info that I used to update my installation was wrong. Long story short; the update failed, I couldn’t login anymore at all, then I got help from my host and they gave the instructions from this forum to redo a failed version update manually. So I went to my FTP and did exactly what there was in the directions and redid the update, but again there was problems and I couldn’t login. Asked help from my host and after that was able to login.

    But now I can’t for example change my theme and I assume that the installation has gone wrong and that’s the reason that my account don’t work properly. I haven’t even tried to do anything else to my page as I believe that due to this installation issue my account don’t work normally.

    Also in my cpanel and fantastico de luxe home, there’s a note “update” and my current word press installation is “unknown”, also when clicking the word press link there, there’s a note that my current installation status is “unknown”.

    So doesn’t this mean that the installation and especially my update went wrong?

    I’ve tried to ask this question from my hosting company but they just keep giving me other info; Could this problem be solved in the easiest and fastest way just by removing the whole word press installation and then re installing it to the same domain again and starting all over again the whole thing?

    The one more thing about the ftp credentials and host name needed when chqanging the theme, or updating the installation;
    Does the host name mean the IP address I use to publish my websites in my cpanel account?
    And does the ftp user name and password mean the same ones that I use to login my ftp and cpanel?
    If someone could help me with this and clarify this , I’d be gratefull as I think I’ve used wrong info in that update…

    I can login to my wp admin area normally but for example the ready-to-instal theme changes (the themes which are there available for instant installation) I can’t do – nothing happens when I try. And I’ve tried with several themes.

    So if I just go and remove the whole word press installation and then re install it again to my domain – will it solve this issue?

    This was a long post but as you can see I’m a complete newbie in this – hopefuly some one can help soon as now I can’t do anything with my word press installation at the moment and would be eager to get started with it…. Thanks! 🙂

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