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  • WordPress is impossible! Why, why, why is it so hard to do simple things?! Also, the forums reveal the total lack of a deep, interested WP community. FUNDAMENTAL questions go totally unanswered. Granted, this is shareware, but still, I’m thoroughly disappointed… Is there a magical Rosetta stone that I am missing? Something that will make WP a simple, functional platform? Why am I struggling to add an image in the sidebar? Someone please get back to me and explain why WP is so terrible!

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  • My experience is exactly the opposite of yours. I started using WordPress as a total noob just a few months ago, and I have found it to be a very straight forward and flexible platform. I also find that if you ask the right questions in the right forums in a civil tone, you get all the responses you need. There is in fact a magical Rosetta stone called the Codex that contains the answers to virtually every question imaginable.

    That being said, WordPress is not a system that you can expect to master out of the box unless you are willing to invest some time in research and experimentation. A little basic knowledge of HTML and CSS goes a long way. Many of the fundamental questions that go unanswered are from people who don’t bother to do the most basic research before posting a question that has already been answered over and over again.

    You can add anything you wish to your sidebar by modifying the sidebar.php template, or by adding a link to your image in a text widget.




    Granted, this is shareware, but still, I’m thoroughly disappointed..

    WordPress is freeware.

    You posted the same question twice in the last 23 hours: that in itself would be enough to delete your post(s). Basic courtesy toward the volunteer(!) helpers – don’t spam the forum with repeated posts about the same question.

    Next, no beginner should ever try to modify the default theme; it is difficult even for seasoned HTML/CSS experts. This also has been posted hundreds of times…

    WP is ready out of the box for blogging. You can also upload and activate other themes than the two ones that come with the package. No special knowledge is required for that, except maybe to be able to use a FTP client.

    However, that should not mislead anybody: modifying the design of a theme (or of a website) always requires good HTML/CSS knowledge. There are no shortcuts.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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