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  • I am developing a cooking club website and I have decided to use WordPress as a front end. Everyone has seen a million implementations of Kubrick’s theme and this is just another but I kind of like the colours.

    Gourmet Tarts Club

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  • whooami



    i think its very pretty and i love the colors.. the only thing I might change is making those buttons a hint more opaque, I would like to see the fruit behind them better. Other than that, its nicely done and suits cooking well.

    I like it as well, with one exception.

    The page hit counter looks out of place. If possible change colors to match your color scheme, or place it in the footer so it is not so obvious.

    Two stupid questions you may be able to help me with. How did you change all those colors? How did you make that horizontal menu? Would really appreciate the help.

    The nav bar drops 1 pixel below the header (at least on Safari). I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do this, but it looks a little odd. There’s also something strange going on at the right side of the nav bar–not sure exactly how to describe it. Other than that, I’d say it looks really good. I like the colour scheme.

    VERY nice. I liked the suggestion about the button transparency – however, IE doesn’t do stuff like that well….

    Thanks for the feedback, especially on viewing it with Safari and IE. I tested it with IE6 and it seemed ok on my system.

    Making the buttons more opaque, well I have already tried and have not been able to work it out, without making it overly more transparent and looking worse. I am thinking of changing the menu to something really unique, watch this space.

    I got the menu from here:-

    Re the hit counter, good point, I thought it kinda looked ok since the menu buttons were black also, I will change it to a text display counter to make it blend in better, move it to the footer and make it a unique visitor counter instead of a hit counter.

    Regarding the question about changing all those colours, I knocked up a template using PhotoShop7 and used the eye dropper to choose the colours from the header image. Now my Kubrick source images are layered PSD files, I can change them to any colour. If you want them, let me know and I will post a download link.

    Thanks please post a download link

    Ok Here it is,


    Edit: Here’s the original:-
    If I knew about this one I would have saved a lot of time.

    I was going to comment on your page, but you had to be logged in. Nice work. I especially like the menu!

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog.
    I hope some time soon, I can get mine to work in the location I desire 😀
    … until then, I’d love to hear feedback on what is up and running at my main website
    Keep blog’n!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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