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My Ideal Featured Content Box: How/Where to Get It.

  • I’ve looked at a number of news websites from the list featured on the Drudge Report. My favorite content box-slider-gallery is this one seen on the top left below the navigation bar at InfoWars.com It’s small clean, simple, has text and minimal navigation buttons.

    Can anyone direct me to finding, making it. I’ve read the page source and used firebug to check out if it has a name, and I’ve randomly looked through countless searches. Thanks in advance. I’ll be back to read responses (the more the merrier) or you can shoot me a comment at

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  • Bump. Did I post this at a bad time? Does anyone recognize this featured content box at http://www.infowars.com ?

    Check out Tierra Billboard Manager, http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tierra-billboard-manager/ it’s not the exact thing on that site, but I’ve used it on a couple sites and I like it.

    Very interesting, alieneila. Thanks. I may try this, but

    I like how this one at my link above works because it is automatic and runs continuously while you browse the page, it only requires going forward or back and clicking on the screen for the feature that catches your interest to learn more about any featured piece. It’s very small and suited for use in sidebars, it has text for a teaser, without carouselized items that show more than one image; and it is without those coda type arrows outside the box. I have trouble searching the internet because there is no common names for some of these things that serve similar purposes: boxes, lightboxes, carousels, sliders, slideshows, featured content galleries, etc. Any more suggestions or findings? Desperately seeking this Lazy Susan for blogs (my name for it).

    Tierra Billboard Manager automatically scrolls through the content you add to it, has a pause button, it creates buttons on the bottom so you can jump to whatever frame in the list, you can set links to where you want a frame to point to, you can display teaser text that floats over the bottom of the content, it’ll show one image at a time… the only thing I don’t know for sure about is whether there is a built in setting so you can resize it, but there is always a way.

    Thanks again. I will give it a try.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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