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  • I’m going to start a WordPress blog and I’m wondering about the essential differences between hosting on my own Windows 2003 IIS 6.0 server or hosting at WordPress. Will I have the same configuration capabilities if I host at WordPress vs. my own hosting? Also, do you know if there are any other advantages like SEO to hosting at WordPress vs. on my own shared Windows server?

    Thanks very much for your input.

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  • the only advantage has is it is free which is what you want if you never want to make any money

    If you want to make money or even think you might host on your own server you can be up and running with a domain name of your own for less than $15 and depending on how quickly your domain propogates you could be making money in less than an hour.

    case in point last night I woke up had an idea register the new domain around midnight had my adsense clicks around 3:00 when I went back to bed. I paid for my domain name by 8:00 this morning.

    not a lot of traffic or clicks, go me!

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