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  • My host shut down my site today and told me this:

    WordPress starts becoming inefficient at handling the number of posts somewhere between 1500 and 2500 posts, at over about 5000-6000 comments, and over around 7000 tags, give or take a little depending on plugin configuration. Once those numbers are doubled, it becomes exceedingly inefficient, performing very poorly and using a lot of cpu resources to process the results coming back from mysql.

    Anybody else run into this and have any suggestions on what to do (other than deleting posts and comments)?

    I might consider switching hosts, but if this is going to be a problem everywhere I go, what’s the point?

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  • What hosting platform are you using? Not the company name, but the server type. Shared hosting, VPS, dedicated? All of these things do make a difference too. You can also look at various caching plugins that can help lessen the server load. If you really want ot go hard-core you can even look at setting up load-balanced servers to run the site.

    It’s technically a “reseller” package, but this is actually Shared hosting.

    I use WP Super Cache with Amazon Cloudfront CDN.

    On shared hosting you’ll most likely be in toruble where ever you go. When your site gets to big, then it’s time to look at a package with more resources. Shared hosting just can’t offer that.

    Right. But how big is too big? I get about 2000 pageviews per day. Is that too big?

    That’s not something that we can answer. It depends on the hosting comapny, how they have their servers set up, the specs of the server and how many users are using that server at any one time as well as the resources that each of the other sites are using.

    From my own personal experience, there’s only two ways to tell if the server is suffering:

    1. Your hosting company will tell you that you’re using too many resources
    2. You can see for yourself that your site consitantly doesn’t load in a reasonable amount of time

    There’s really no other metrics that can be applied to a single site on a shared server because there’s just to many variables that are completely out of yor control.

    Ok. Thanks. I think I am going to switch to a VPS. That should help, right? I cannot afford a dedicated server.

    It should, but again it’s hard to tell without knowing the specs of the VPS, what the specs of the physical server that it’s running on are, etc, etc… See the pattern here? 🙂 The best that you’re ever going to get here with the details that you’ve given are educated guesses. Without access to the specific server details, logs and the server itself, we just can’t tell with any sort of accuracy. I’d say that most VPS plans will b eabl eot handle your site easily, but again it depends on what level plan you go for.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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