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  • I received an email from my hosting company, in response to my support request to them, as to why my database was not active. They told me to “fix my code, or remove the software (WordPress 2.5)”, or they’ll shut down my account.

    This occurred on the very same day that I installed a fresh copy of WP-2.5 on a fresh DB. It had something to do with “page requests” in the tens-of-thousands. I don’t know what any of that means, but it sounds serious.

    I had a similar problem with WP-2.3.2.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

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  • Time to switch hosts..majority of shared hosting is most likely used for Blogs these day anyway, and if a host is incapable of supporting that, they’re not worthy of your money..

    Is this a brand new installation, or were you running a previous version? We have no way of knowing if your upgrade produced an increased traffic volume, or if the traffic was occuring well before the upgrade (and your ISP just noticed it). Either way, if presented with your issue by my ISP I would have them on telephone or chat within the hour to get more details on this issue.

    I had WP-2.3.3 installed on this server account previously, but under a different db name and in a different directory, so I don’t think that it’s carryover traffic.

    When I called the host, they made it sound as if it wasn’t page requests from people surfing into the site, but rather a code problem, which was looping or something.

    I’m not a coder, so bear with me. I’m trying to relay this information the best that I can.

    The usage graph showed an average visitor, or page load, of less than 100 per day, for the last 6 months. After the installation of WP-2.5 it shot up to 10,000 in a few hours and resulted in a db disconnect.

    Oh well…

    Probably the most likely cause is a corrupted executable file. You might consider a new download of WordPress, then re-load everything. Or, if that’s a bit radical for you, you can compare the files on your server with your saved download on your computer, looking for missing files or cases where file size does not match, and just replace those. Then contact your ISP and explain the steps you have taken, see if they will turn you back on for another try

    God luck

    2 words, “change host”

    Thanks for the help folks. Looks like it’s time for a new host. These guys aren’t offering much in the first place.

    What’s the general consensus on BlueHost???


    My $0.02: BlueHost will shut your site down (temporary) when your site consumes too much resource (CPU-wise). If you site does have <<“page requests” in the tens-of-thousands>>, probably not a good idea.

    It really depends on the size of your site (traffic, purpose).

    BlueHost is awful. Stay. Away.

    Try KnownHost. I have a reseller account with them, and their support is great.

    haochi, My site never gets that much traffic. I still think that the db suspension on my current host was a result of a bug within WP-2.5. Something within the script is making page calls.

    Darkpress, Thanks for the link. I’ll need to do a little research. My current host is way behind the times as far as PHP and MySQL versions are concerned.


    Many ISP’s will react exactly the same way to your issue. They don’t know if you are a hacker with a plan they haven’t seen, or if you have been hacked, and their first inclination is to pull the plug and provide little or no information. Also, they are notorious for being way behind on versions of third-party software they provide, in fact in my experience they keep a death grip on any version that seems stable to them.

    Sad news is, it is hard to get better treatment elsewhere. My best advice if possible is to have sort of a MASH attitude, be prepared to up and bug out quickly if the releationship with your ISP goes weird, but don’t pack up until you are sure you can’t live with what you have and are moving to something better.




    Probably the most likely cause is a corrupted executable file…


    I had that problem the other day but it was through my own folly. I created some looping code that shot the bandwidth consumption up to 5000GB in one day and 5000GB the next day. I purchased more bandwidth immediately, the account was unsuspended and I was able to go in and fix the problem and wipe the egg off my face.

    I don’t know if I can or should mention the web host here, but I’ve been a WHM customer of theirs since 2004 and they’ve always been fair and reasonable, very responsive to all manner of help desk tickets and their prices are decent.

    Contact me off list (check my profile) if you’d like the name of my web host. 🙂

    Its not a “hosting problem”, im sure of it. Of course, if you blog start using something like 50% or more of the CPU cycles in a shared host, you will be banished for sure, but im having the same problem after updating to 2.5.

    I ALWAYS tracked my CPU and SQL usage, and after updating to 2.5, some pages started to use more than 2000 queries to be shown!
    using the debug-queries plugin, here is what I got from the logs:

    4.29153442383E-05 SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= ‘286’ LIMIT 1
    4.19616699219E-05 SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= ‘286’ LIMIT 1
    4.6968460083E-05 SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= ‘286’ LIMIT 1
    4.19616699219E-05 SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= ‘286’ LIMIT 1
    4.19616699219E-05 SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= ‘286’ LIMIT 1
    4.41074371338E-05 SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= ‘286’ LIMIT 1
    4.29153442383E-05 SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= ‘286’ LIMIT 1
    4.2200088501E-05 SELECT post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE ID= ‘286’ LIMIT 1

    This line got repeated in my logs like 2000~3000 times PER PAGE, so im pretty sure its a wordpress bug, since i disabled all my plugins and the problem still occurs

    btw, if this helps, this usage increase occour only with nested pages, like

    I had the same problem as tiosolid. I had a site with a lot of nested pages that was generating over 500 queries on each page load. I tried deactivating all the plugins, but that didn’t do anything.

    Eventually I figured out the problem was with wp_list_pages. Since on my site the pages are permanent and don’t change very often, I just replaced wp_list_pages with the static output that it generates. (I pasted the <ul><li class="page_item"> list right into header.php, instead of wp_list_pages.) That brought the number of queries back down to normal.

    A better programmer could figure out a more elegant solution, or maybe the WP team could make wp_list_page cache the output and only query the database for a new list when there are new/changed pages.

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