• They deserve an honest review and here it is.
    Nelio Content works perfect and offers what I needed:
    Auto-scheduling social posts is awesome. The system shares my posts on social media, and I can change the introduction with templates like: “just in case you haven’t read this…”

    2. The calendar view is integrated into WordPress. Allows to reschedule content with drag and drop.

    3. I, like others before me, I love the support team. The plugin developers are very friendly and go the extra mile to make sure Nelio fits you. I shared a few ideas with them, and these guys already implemented them! It really feels like they are working with my team.

    4. Fair pricing, especially compared to others. I started as a free user, but I quickly switched to a premium plan. Thanks again for this awesome plugin! Absolutely I recommend Nelio. Thanks Nelio people.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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