• Hi,

    i was playing around with the plugin setting and suddenly i realized that my Front page is also amp-fied. There’s a blue TITLE link above the Navigation menu (which follows my SITE title). Once i’ve clicked on it, the url points to my website “www.example.com/?amp”

    i would prefer my homepage/front page remains NON-amp.

    Under Aceelerated Mobile Page Plugin:-
    1. i’ve uncheck Front Page to OFF under General setting

    Glue Seo Plugin
    1. Only AMP for Post is checked. Others are unchecked.

    I have also tried to deactivate & reinstall back the plugins..but the setting remains the same as of before. How do i reset the plugins to the original setting during first activation?

    thanks in advance

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    Hello gnp007

    Thanx for using our plugin

    1. Actually you dont need glue for SEO as we have Yoast support from with in our plugin from the Next Update which would happen today

    2. This is my understanding that you dont want AMP on this page

    If this understanding of mine is wrong please correct me so i can help you better


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    hi Azmak,

    ok i will deactivate GLUE (i used this previous in conjunction with automatic AMP plugin – as recommended in some articles)

    2. Yes, if you look at all my amp post, you will notice theres a blue Title “New Property | Kuala Lumpur”. Once you click that it brings the reader to an front page amp site which shows all of my post.

    Looks like i am able to disable AMP setting for pages & post..but im not sure where to disable amp for Homepage/Frontpage. (i’m not using static frontpage)

    3. Some amp pages will have some blue box/banner ABOVE the Navigation menu..how do i enable that?

    Hello @gnp007

    I have understood that you require a Non AMP URL from your Home page that refers to this page

    You can disable AMP on all Pages from here

    You can specifically disable AMP on a particular post or page by following this

    Can you Please post a screen shot for Blue box you are referring

    We have noted your Request and you will get the above Non AMP feature for Home page in Next Update


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    Hi Azmak,

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    The instruction you gave was to disable/enable on pages and post.

    How about homepage?

    I don’t mind certain pages & post to be amped.. But definitely not homepage.


    @gnp007 yup we will add this feature as we dont have it yet , Hopefully in the Next Update 🙂


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    so as i understand, for now there’s no way to disable AMP for frontpage?

    Yes @gnp007

    In less than 24 Hours You will get the Update 🙂

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    Hi AMP for WP team

    You have created an excellent plugin for AMP it is awesome.

    By the way I too need the update with that feature to direct my users to non ampfied home page. I have tried redirection but it is not working with the amp pages.

    Send me the update too.


    Regards Bhanu

    Hi @chandaluribhanuuday,

    We are releasing a new update on 10th of this month which supports the feature to disable amp for homepage.
    Kindly update it and enjoy this feature.

    Team AMP

    Hi AMP for WP team,

    Thanks for the great plugin.

    Here, I want to mention that this plugin is unable to show non-amp homepage of the site. It is also started showing in the search engine results even I disabled amp on homepage through plugin’s general settings.

    I don’t want AMP homepage and there are a good number of users who don’t want the same for their homepages.

    Let me know how to replace it with the non-amp homepage.

    I have to do it right now.

    Kindly support me on this issue immediately. Other plugin users are also waiting for the same.


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    I also dont want to amp Home page. Is there any progress? http://www.legionella.cz

    AMP home page

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    Hi @chand3g @zwoo,

    We are very much sorry for this inconvenience.

    We have created a ticket about it in our Github and will add this feature in our next updates.(ref)
    Thank you very much for your patience.

    Team AMP

    Is there any update to this or can you suggest a workaround? I imagine this is a really pressing issue for many website owners. Thanks for your help!

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